Gina Lucrezi Announces Candidacy for Chaffee County Commissioner District 1

Buena Vista, CO – March 29th 2024 – Gina Lucrezi is excited to announce her candidacy for Chaffee County Commissioner District 1. Gina is currently serving as Mayor Pro Tem for the Town of Buena Vista. Additionally, she is a successful business owner and Vice-President of Chaffee County Search & Rescue North.

Lucrezi Announcement:

“I’m so excited to run for County Commissioner as I’m passionate about public service and dedicated to creating a successful future for Chaffee County. I don’t shy away from hard work, and I embrace opportunities to engage with the public and all stakeholders. My experience is filled with valuable skill sets needed for the position, and my heart holds all the desire to provide my fellow community members a better quality of life.”

Commissioner Keith Baker Endorsement:

The proven leadership of Gina Lucrezi is evident by the immediate endorsement from District 1’s current Commissioner and 2023 Chairman of the Chaffee County Commission, Keith Baker:

“Gina will thrive as a County Commissioner and build upon the successes of the recent past to lead Chaffee County to a promising future.”

Full Endorsement Statement:

“I am enthusiastically endorsing Gina Lucrezi for Chaffee County Commissioner in this November’s general election. Gina is a dedicated individual whose commitment to hard work, leadership, and community well-being is highly inspiring. She is serving as Mayor Pro Tem of Buena Vista and is a long-standing Chaffee County Search and Rescue North volunteer. Gina’s love and appreciation for public service are evident, and her professional background is rooted in growing equitable opportunities and building community resources for public benefit. Gina will thrive as a County Commissioner and build upon the successes of the recent past to lead Chaffee County to a promising future. Learn about Gina’s background and experience and you’ll no doubt agree – Gina is uniquely qualified to serve as your next Chaffee County District 1 commissioner!” – Keith Baker

Salida Kick Off Party

Gina is inviting the public to join her for a meet and greet event at Wood’s High Mountain Distillery in Salida on Wednesday, April 24th at 6:00pm. This event will provide an opportunity for community members to meet Gina, learn more about her platform, and to engage with Gina in one-on-one conversations.

When: Wednesday 4/24 @ 6-7:30pm

Where: Wood’s High Mountain Distillery, 144 W 1st Street, Salida

For more information about Gina Lucrezi’s campaign, including volunteer opportunities and upcoming events, you can visit her website:

Gina’s Top Priorities as Chaffee County Commissioner:


I support preservation of our natural resources, water, wildlife, rural landscapes, public and working lands. Outdoor recreation and conservation are very important to me, as well as Chaffee county’s heritage. A sustainable future will require strengthening protections for our working land owners while collaborating with federal and state agencies on solutions to keep our outdoor spaces responsibly cared for by residents and visitors.


We need immediate and long-term housing solutions for our workforce and aging population. I will support responsible growth with diversified development strategies that will deliver on our needs. This work needs to be collaborative, and should be driven towards municipality areas, keeping city-city, and county-county.


Chaffee County needs a consistent and stable year-round economy with a diversified portfolio of businesses. I support a robust business community that provides jobs, contributes to local and guest needs, and produces tax revenue that can be used for infrastructure, programs, and projects benefiting the community well-being.

Gina’s Core Principles for Leadership:


I’m here to work for you. I’ll listen and learn from your thoughts, needs, and concerns. I’ll be your champion, working hard every day to create solutions and opportunities benefiting community members today, and for the future.


The four pillars of sustainability are human, social, economic, and environmental. My decisions will be guided by the Comprehensive Plan and community desire but will also reflect my values for a sustainable future.


We get further when we work together. I want to strengthen county relationships with community members, municipalities, businesses, county entities, and our state and federal agencies. I believe that communication and transparency foster welcoming opportunities for beneficial collaboration.

Dan R