Fantasy Games and Comics heads to F Street

The corner of 1st and F Street has seen a storefront covered with colorful paper, hiding the work being done inside as Fantasy Games and Comics prepares to be the newest member of the F Street storefronts.

The future location of Fantasy Games and Comics

The move is set for the weekend of June 20th, with packing taking place on Friday night at their location down the block on the corner of 1st and G. Owner David Haynes is also offering a pizza lunch for anyone interested in helping.

Fantasy Games and Comics owner David Haynes

Haynes says he is excited about the move for the building and some of the features, but the location is what he is most looking forward to, particularly with the temporary closing of several blocks of F Street, which was announced just a few days after he signed his new lease.

Friday night, Fantasy Games and Comics packs up for the move
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