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Expert Witnesses Won’t Be Allowed to Testify Against Barry Morphew

Barry Morphew (Image: Chaffee County Sheriff's Department)

Following a motion hearing yesterday in Fremont County for Barry Morphew, the man accused of killing his wife in 2020, 12 of the 14 possible expert witnesses against him are no longer allowed to testify.   

Morphew is charged with murdering his wife Suzanne Morphew, who went missing on Mother’s Day in 2020.  

The hearing yesterday centered around who will be allowed to testify during the trial, which is set to happen the end of April. Two of the prosecution’s witnesses didn’t show up, and a third is now not allowed to be used by the prosecution during the trial as part of a court sanction.  

One of the witnesses was a veterinarian who was expected to testify about animal tranquilizers and how it affects them.   

The prosecution had also planned on using a K-9 handler of a dog that was assigned to search for Suzanne on the night she went missing. The handler said he had filed a report on the case, but the prosecution never asked for it and told the defense it didn’t exist.      

The defense yesterday asked again to have the case thrown out. While that didn’t happen, the judge is still considering a prior motion to toss the case and will make a ruling in the near future.   

Dan R