Now that the bodies of 189 individuals have been removed, and many identified, the environmental impact of the Return to Nature Funeral Home will be addressed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

According to the Canon City Daily Record, Fremont County officials gave the owners of the Return to Nature Funeral Home 24 hours to clean up their Penrose property. After failing to do so, the Environmental Protection Agency has been asked to step in and begin the process.

The premises have been examined by Federal, state and local law enforcement, and health agencies who concluded that the interior of the building is “contaminated with biohazardous waste and medical waste and is a threat to the public health, safety and welfare.”

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The Fremont County Board of Health Order was signed by the Board of County Commissioners on Oct. 26th and ratified it during Tuesday’s meeting. It required Jon and Carie Hallford of Hallfordhomes, LLC, to “remove the nuisance, source of filth and cause of sickness” at 31 Werner Road within 24 hours of the date of the order. “If they fail to do that within the 24 hours following service – or at least attempted service – of notice of this order, the County shall enter the property to remove or abate the nuisance, clean, drain and remediate the premises,” Board Chair Kevin Grantham explained.

The cost of clean-up is unknown. The EPA has funds that may be available to help with the cost, but any costs the County incurs will be placed as a lien against the property.