Decker Fire Update for Friday, Oct. 18th

The Decker Fire is listed today at 8,570 acres. 953 personnel are currently working the fire. Nine aircraft are assigned to the Decker Fire. 

Despite a windy day yesterday, the fire didn’t jump any lines, although there were flare ups in the interior of the fire.  

Active fire continued backing down to the south, throwing up a lot of smoke.  It is still within the control features for that area.  There was a steady stream of helicopter bucket drops to cool it down.  More bucket drops will continue today. 

Farther north, near Methodist Mountain, helicopters dropped water on several spot fires that continue to pop up along the edge of the fire. 

Fire along Muddy Creek showed increased heat.  Work continues on contingency lines between the Wilderness boundary and Howard.    

Suppression work continues today on the east side of the fire.  Fire vehicles are backhauling equipment and structure protection continues in many areas.  Please drive carefully in neighborhoods near the fire. 

The west side of the fire is largely contained.  The Decker Fire is 30 percent contained, thanks to the west and southwest line of the fire. 

A new Type I Incident Management Team takes over the fire tomorrow.

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