Decker Fire Update for Saturday, Sept. 21

Yesterday, the Decker Fire remained relatively calm and did not increase its perimeter. It remains at 900 acres.

The Decker Fire is a bit more active today. The fire is working north along the ridge towards the peak of Methodist Mountain. The spot fires east of the ridge are producing some smoke but are largely staying put. Fire managers have been up doing aerial recon.

Incident Commander John Markalunas says activity could pick up through Sunday due to lower humidity and increased winds. 

Crews continued constructing contingency lines along the western flank of the fire adjacent to the Bureau of Land Management boundary.  Crews also continued building contingency lines along the Rainbow Trail on the eastern side of the fire. 

The fire remains on national forest lands and primarily in the Wilderness.

The Decker fire is being managed to remove these high-risk fuels from the landscape for ecological benefit and to reduce the risk for catastrophic wildfires in the future.        

The fire will remain visible from Salida and the Highway 50 corridor.

There are no evacuations or closures at this time. 

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