Chaffee County Moves to ‘Orange’ Friday

Due to the continued rising incidence of Covid-19 cases in Chaffee County, the Colorado Department of Health is requiring that Chaffee County move into the “orange” level of Covid restrictions beginning at 5 pm Friday.   

The major theme in moving from the yellow to orange level is that capacity for most sectors is reduced from 50 to 25 percent.   

Chaffee County Public Health Director Andrea Carlstrom said in a press release, “We understand that for many in our business community, the reduction in capacity, especially due to the colder weather and limited options, is crippling. We have done everything possible to provide our county with the greatest amount of time and support to prepare for this chapter in the pandemic. I will reiterate that every positive case inches us toward a more restrictive environment where businesses and schools may have to scale back on how they operate and hopefully not fully close. If ever there was a time to make the right decisions, even though they are challenging, it is now.” 

Chaffee County Public Health has launched “Chaffee’s Got HEART.”  County residents are encouraged to take the pledge to follow the 5 commitments to containment: 

  • Hang at home if sick.     
  • Excel at handwashing.     
  • Always wear a mask in public.     
  • Respect social distancing.      
  • Test if you have symptoms 

Fremont County is also moving to the Orange Level tomorrow. Park, Lake and Custer Counties are already in the Orange Level.    

Dan R