Chaffee County Moves Back Into Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

Due to weather conditions for the next several days, unincorporated Chaffee County is moving back to Stage 2 fire restrictions.

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions prohibit all open burning including charcoal grills. Gas or propane grills and fire rings are allowed if the flame can be extinguished by use of a valve.

This also prohibits all exploding targets and fireworks.

These restrictions include all unincorporated lands within Chaffee County but do not include the City of Salida, Town of Buena Vista, Town of Poncha Springs, and BLM land as well as all USFS lands.

The Bureau of Land Management is currently in Stage 2 fire restrictions and the USFS is in Stage 1 fire restrictions.

All residents and visitors are reminded to exercise extreme caution when enjoying any outdoor activity as low moisture and high winds have created very dry conditions. The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office will be vigilant in enforcing these restrictions in unincorporated lands.

Terry West