The votes are in. Here are the results of the November 7th election.

Buena Vista School Board

District 1

  • Brett Mitchell   1,952  51%
  • Casey Martin   1,882  49%

At Large 4-year term

  • Mallory Brooks   2,031  55%
  • Montana Brown  1,633  45%

At Large 2-year term

  • Paula Dylan      2,115  58%
  • Trinda Windle   1,543  42%

Norman Nyberg and George Richardson were unopposed

Salida City Council

Ward 2

  • Adriane Kuhn      432  49%
  • Aaron Stephens   452  51%

Ward 3

  • Jackie Berndt        305  40%
  • Alisa Pappenfort    467  60%

Mayor Dan Shore and Ward 1 candidate Suzanne Fontana were unopposed

Salida City Treasurer

  • Wayles Martin    1,041   45%
  • Ben Gilling         1,294   55%

City of Salida Ballot Question 300

(would repeals and replaces Salida’s short term rental taxes)

  • For         1,102  40%
  • Against   1,663  60%

Northern Chaffee County Library District Ballot Issue 6A

(would raise property taxes for the purpose of expanding the Buena Vista Library)

  • For        2,519  59%
  • Against  1,743  41%

In Chaffee County, 9,472 ballots were cast, or almost 60% of active voters in the county. That compares to only a 37% turnout statewide.  

Statewide measures:

Proposition HH

(promised to reduce property taxes while doing away with Tabor refunds)

  • For          40%
  • Against    60%

Proposition II

(would let the state keep excessive tobacco tax collections and increase the tax on tobacco products)

  • For           67%
  • Against      33%

In other area Elections:

In the Custer County School Board race Reggie Foster wins with 25% of the vote. 

In the Florence School Board race it was Beth Roman with 33% of the vote. Wining in the City of Florence City Council races: James Vanhoutan, Tammy Stone, and Gayle MacKinnon.   

Preston Troutman is the Mayor of Canon City after picking up 58% of the vote.

The new Leadville mayor is Dana Greene, who defeated Luke Finken by only 4 votes. Also, both Lake County School ballot issues failed by large margins and Lake County voters said no to the Regional Housing Authority ballot issue.