Chaffee County Election Results November 7th, 2023

Voting booths stand ready for use in an election. (iStock 1388632328)

The votes are in. Here are the results of the November 7th election.

Buena Vista School Board

District 1

  • Brett Mitchell   1,952  51%
  • Casey Martin   1,882  49%

At Large 4-year term

  • Mallory Brooks   2,031  55%
  • Montana Brown  1,633  45%

At Large 2-year term

  • Paula Dylan      2,115  58%
  • Trinda Windle   1,543  42%

Norman Nyberg and George Richardson were unopposed

Salida City Council

Ward 2

  • Adriane Kuhn      432  49%
  • Aaron Stephens   452  51%

Ward 3

  • Jackie Berndt        305  40%
  • Alisa Pappenfort    467  60%

Mayor Dan Shore and Ward 1 candidate Suzanne Fontana were unopposed

Salida City Treasurer

  • Wayles Martin    1,041   45%
  • Ben Gilling         1,294   55%

City of Salida Ballot Question 300

(would repeals and replaces Salida’s short term rental taxes)

  • For         1,102  40%
  • Against   1,663  60%

Northern Chaffee County Library District Ballot Issue 6A

(would raise property taxes for the purpose of expanding the Buena Vista Library)

  • For        2,519  59%
  • Against  1,743  41%

In Chaffee County, 9,472 ballots were cast, or almost 60% of active voters in the county. That compares to only a 37% turnout statewide.  

Statewide measures:

Proposition HH

(promised to reduce property taxes while doing away with Tabor refunds)

  • For          40%
  • Against    60%

Proposition II

(would let the state keep excessive tobacco tax collections and increase the tax on tobacco products)

  • For           67%
  • Against      33%

In other area Elections:

In the Custer County School Board race Reggie Foster wins with 25% of the vote. 

In the Florence School Board race it was Beth Roman with 33% of the vote. Wining in the City of Florence City Council races: James Vanhoutan, Tammy Stone, and Gayle MacKinnon.   

Preston Troutman is the Mayor of Canon City after picking up 58% of the vote.

The new Leadville mayor is Dana Greene, who defeated Luke Finken by only 4 votes. Also, both Lake County School ballot issues failed by large margins and Lake County voters said no to the Regional Housing Authority ballot issue.    

Dan R