CCCF’s Presents Pivot 2020: Virtual Conference and Learning for Local Nonprofits

2020 is proving to be a pivotal year. The global pandemic and accompanying economic downturn are forcing us all to reconsider what ‘normal’ should look like.

With more than 20 million US workers out of a job, and expected waves of the coronavirus causing disruptions through at least the end of the year, COVID-19 is more than a tragedy. It is an opportunity to shed the old paradigm and work together to build a new one.

The Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF) is announcing PIVOT2020, a virtual conference for local nonprofits. The twelve-hour conference will be held in four sessions spread over four weeks. Thursday mornings, July 30-August 20. The goal of the conference is to inspire and educate participants through general sessions of local thought leaders on building resilience through change management, communication, and collaboration.

The majority of the conference will consist of facilitated breakout sessions where each organization will get to share their voice in strengths, opportunities and challenges due to COVID-19. In these sessions, participants will get to work directly with other organizations and share ideas on pivoting, hear directly from local business owners on how they’ve had to pivot during COVID including discussions the future of local business fundraising in the community. Participants will walk away with inspiration, ideas, applicable tools, and strategies to support building resiliency as an organization.

PIVOT2020 is focused on Chaffee County’s 150+ nonprofit organizations, and is designed to challenge the status quo, cast a bold new vision, and invest technical assistance into participating organizations to ensure they have the tools they need to collaborate and thrive far into the future.

Participating Organizations will:

● Understand how to use collaboration to build a resiliency mindset

● Form new concrete relationships with other organizations

● Gain the ability to think critically about about organization’s impact and how best to meet needs within community

● Understand the impact of COVID-19 and what changes to make as a result

We invite all nonprofits to join the conference. While PIVOT2020 is targeted at Chaffee County nonprofits, organizations outside the county are welcome.

For full details, visit

Registration is $20 per participant or $40 for up to 3 participants from one nonprofit. With any questions, please contact Emily Marquis, CCCF Project Manager at or 720-862-4756

Dan R