Business Emergency Relief Grant Program

The City of Salida has created the Business Emergency Relief Grant program and applications will be accepted starting Friday, May 22nd. 

The grant program was created using $100,000 from the City’s Economic Development Fund.  

The program can provide up to the lesser of $3,000 or equal to a business’s 2019 annual sales tax remittance. In order to be eligible, a business must meet the following criteria:

• The business must have been closed or severely limited in its operations in order to be eligible.
• The business must have paid sales taxes to the City.
• The business must have a physical storefront or operation in the City.
• The owners of the business must reside within 30 minutes of the City limits.
• The business must be in good standing, with all sales taxes current through February 2020.
• Financial statements from 2 years indicating sustainability must be provided. Businesses in operation for less than 2 years will be considered on a secondary basis, with documentation of sustainability.
• It must be expected that the business will reopen, if not already open.
• A request must demonstrate that the funds will be used to help ensure a successful reopening and continued operation.
• Seasonal businesses will have a secondary priority.
• The City reserves the right to alter or cancel the program as information is obtained through the application process.

Salida Mayor P.T. Wood says, “We acutely know that small businesses have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 shutdown, and the City is here to help. We’re going to get through this time by being kind to one another, appreciating social distancing practices, and looking at unique ways to rebuild our economy. We hope this grant program helps in this time of great need.”

The funds are being made available on a first-come, first-served basis, and it is anticipated that the funding will run out quickly.   

The application form can be found online at   

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