Buena Vista’s Simple Eatery takes it to another level this summer

While many businesses had to slow down or reduce hours and employees during the pandemic, one business in Buena Vista has seen quite the opposite.

At Simple Eatery on Main Street Buena Vista, not only has business been able to keep up with previous years, but it has been better in some ways.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been changes, but most for the better. The crew was able to work on some of the minor projects around the indoor and outdoor areas, using the shutdown to prepare for the re-opening under distancing regulations.

Simple Eatery was well set up for the re-opening as well, with a large outdoor area just beyond the side doors and plenty of room to still spread tables out indoors.

The requirements of the re-opening though meant there were new processes and more work in some cases, which also meant the need for new employees. In fact, between the bakery aspect and the restaurant itself, Simple Eatery went from employing around 20 people to over 50 people on staff during the summer months.

The biggest changes customers will see when the stop by, is no serve-yourself frozen yogurt anymore, but all of the options and toppings are still available at the ordering counter.

Simple Eatery can be found at 402 East Main Street in Buena Vista, and is open seven days a week from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM. You can see more on their website at https://www.spoon-it-up.com.

Caleb Burggraaf