Buena Vista Middle School Shifts to Remote Learning Through October 1st

Due to COVID-19, Buena Vista Middle School will shift to remote learning through September 30th.

We appreciate your response to our health evaluation related to COVID today. After meeting with our response team that includes our school nurses local medical providers and Chaffee County Public Health, the high school will resume in-person learning on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd.

The evaluation of the response team did determine Buena Vista Middle School will shift to remote learning beginning tomorrow (Sept. 23) through September 30 and return to in-person learning on October 1.

The district follows all medical privacy guidelines and will not release specific information about persons involved in this case.

Chaffee County Public Health has additional information about this quarantine.

As staff and families, we anticipated and have been preparing for this possibility, and still we know the reality can be unsettling. The District understands when a class or school must quarantine, this is disruptive to family work schedules. Our commitment as a district is to continue to keep our schools open to in person learning while our county continues to have low transmission levels, hospitals are equipped, and testing results are available quickly.

Quarantine of two weeks is a strategy to continue in person learning for most students, most of the time.

Each Monday evening at 5:00 pm, the superintendent hosts a Zoom meeting to answer questions and receive feedback regarding the reopening of schools.

You can attend this meeting using this Zoom link.
Meeting ID: 881 9497 3396
Passcode: 5it5xX
OR by phone: +1 253 215 8782

If you have further health questions, please contact Krystal Harms (395-7063) or Katy Martin (395-7024) school nurses or Chaffee County Public Health.

The BV School District continues to remain in daily communication with our local medical providers and public health as we respond to these needs in our schools. We appreciate your collaboration as we work together during these times.

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