Ark Valley Humane Society Salutes Kids’ Good Pet Artwork

By Judy Hamontre, AVHS Vice-chair

Give a young person some paper and crayons, a photo of a cat or dog and say, “draw.”  Then watch what happens. It turns into a “Good Pet/Bad Portrait.” And that is Tail Waggin’ News. 

Students in grades Pre-K through high school, from 4 schools did just that in February and March of this year. They received photos of pets from Ark Valley Humane Society supporters and created portraits to help raise money for the shelter. 

They had the opportunity to pour their love into a picture of a pet much loved by a human who participated in the AVHS fundraiser, “Good Pet/Bad Portrait.” 

Portraits were created by students from Buena Vista High School and Middle School, Van Meter Secondary School in Iowa, and Salida Early Childhood Center’s Pre-K “Blue Star Class.” 

The kids felt they received as much as they gave because they showcased their creativity and artistic talents, had fun and felt good about helping cats and dogs that they so love.  

Particularly heartwarming was the artistry of the Blue Star Class. They drew and learned about the importance of animal shelters.

AVHS thanks all this year’s volunteer artists and especially the teachers who got their students involved.

If you would like your students involved next year contact the AVHS Outreach Manager, Emy Nettleblad at or call (719) 395-2737.

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