A summer of work paying off at Salida’s Marvin Park

The City of Salida and Coach Lee Lewis of the Salida baseball team have been hard at work all fall, winter, and spring as they have made plenty of upgrades to give Marvin Park a little TLC.

Salida baseball coach Lee Lewis

Aside from the basics of edging the grass around the infield and painting the dugouts, Lewis has been overseeing the filling in of the basepaths down the first and third base lines as well as putting in fresh red clay to fill in the infield dirt.

The field also is benefiting from a new hitting cage down the left field line and the field has been rolled and leveled in areas as well.

Several Spartan players try out the new batting cage the day the nets went up

There are still more projects for the field, but for this summer, hats off to the work on improving the ballpark.

Caleb Burggraaf
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