A Message From Cotopaxi Schools

A message from Cotopaxi Schools regarding food distribution.

Good Evening Cotopaxi,

We will be delivering next weeks food distributions to the four designated drop-off sites (Howard, Coaldale, Cotopaxi, and the “Y” Bus Stop) on Monday, March 30th from 5:00-7:00 pm. Along with the food bags, we will be delivering instructional packets and potential chrome books to the families who request this in advance. If you would like to pick up the packets with the food delivery, please email keckelberry@cotopaxire3.org or call the school and let us know before Monday at noon.

We will need several pieces of information from you:

That you desire the instructional packets with your food bags.

The number of packets you need and the names of the students for each packet.

If a chrome book is needed and the student who will be checking it out. *Signature will be required.

The drop-off site you will be picking up your food bags and instructional material from.

If you are not receiving a food bag and need an instructional packet or access to a chrome book, please call the school on Monday before noon and make arrangements to come to the school and pick them up.

If otherwise specified by the teacher, all the assignments/activities in the instructional packets are due the following week. This means you will return the previous packet to the distribution site or to the school before receiving your next packet. Clearly mark each packet with your student(s) name to avoid any confusion as to who will get credit for the work.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,
The Administration

Dan R

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