2021 Grant Cycle Begins for the Chaffee County Marijuana Excise Tax Advisory Board

Cannabis business and marijuana industry concept as the shadow of a dollar sign on a group of leaves in a 3D illustration style.

The Chaffee County Marijuana Excise Tax Advisory Board announced the 2021 Grant Cycle.         

The board is now releasing its fourth-year community grant application and invited eligible organizations and agencies to apply.  Grants awarded for 2021 will be for at least $1,000 and not more than $25,000 per successful application.        

Eligible organizations include programs under the supervision of Chaffee County Human Services or Public Health, non-profits serving the youth of Chaffee County and other non-profits providing services in one or more of the following areas: workforce and family housing, government agencies for the regulation of marijuana and other drugs and enforcement of related laws.         

The pre-application is due by September 18 and can be found at grantinterface.com/home/logon?urlkey=ccgrants.         

Terry West