State Board to Consider the Renaming of Geographic and Public Places

Amid a renewed public interest in removing symbols of racism, Governor Jared Polis yesterday created a board to evaluate proposed name changes for geographic and public places across the state.

Polis said in a statement, “This new board will play a critical role in the ongoing celebration of our Colorado history through place names and ensure that we have inclusivity and transparency around the naming process.”

Fourteen petitions are pending to rename locations in Colorado, including Mount Evans, named after territorial governor John Evans, who was forced to resign because of the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864.  Also on the list, Redskin Mountain in Jefferson County, Squaw Creek in Clear Creek County, Negro Creek and Negro Mesa in Delta and Montezuma counties, and Chinaman Gulch in Chaffee County. 

The renaming of Chinaman Gulch, east of Johnson Village near Trout Creek, was the subject of a Chaffee County Commissioners meeting last November.  Commissioners at the time voted to not rename Chinaman Gulch, saying it was descriptive, not derogatory. 

Dan R