The district attorney who filed murder charges against Barry Morphew in connection with his missing wife in Chaffee County now faces an investigation of herself.   

9News is reporting that the Colorado Supreme Court’s Attorney Regulation Counsel is investigating 11th Judicial District Attorney Linda Stanley and has started interviewing potential witnesses, including Morphew’s attorney.   

Back on May 5, 2021, Stanley stood in front of the Chaffee County Courthouse and confidently announced that Barry Morphew had been arrested and charged with murder in connection with his wife Suzanne’s disappearance. Stanley said at the time, “I wouldn’t bring charges unless I was confident.” 

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Less than a year later, Stanley dropped the charges against Morphew just days before the case was set to go to trial. In the months leading up to the scheduled trial, Stanley and her team of prosecutors were admonished by the judge in the case for missing court-imposed deadlines and being late to hearings. Stanley was reprimanded for appearing on a podcast talking about the active case. Morphew’s defense attorneys alleged Stanley withheld evidence from them and committed prosecutorial misconduct on several occasions.   

Stanley told 9News she stands by her decision to drop the charges in April, saying she believes investigators would soon find Suzanne.