11th Judicial District Attorney Linda Stanley Admits to Secret Investigation of Former District Judge

11th Judicial District Attorney Linda Stanley (Image: Heart of the Rockies Radio/Terry West)

11th Judicial District Attorney Linda Stanley has responded to a list of allegations that could lead to her losing her law license.

In the 42-page court filing revealed by 9News, Stanley admits that she launched an investigation into former district court judge Ramsey Lama and his family because he ruled against her in the high-profile murder case involving Barry Morphew, who had been charged in the murder of his wife Suzanne Morphew. Stanley cites an online petition from change.org filled with conspiracy theories as her basis for the investigation.

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In October, the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel alleged Stanley conducted a domestic violence investigation into Judge Lama following the unfavorable rulings. The DA allegedly reached out to several prosecutors, “encouraging them to investigate whether Judge Lama ever abused his ex-wife.”

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office reportedly refused to investigate since Stanley “had no good source for the investigation.” Stanley eventually enlisted her own investigator to interview Judge Lama’s ex-wife. The complaint alleges, “Stanley used her position and office’s resources in a manner intended to prevent others, including Judge Lama, from effectively performing their roles in the criminal justice system.”

In a different murder case her office was prosecuting, Stanley did a TV interview with KRDO in Colorado Springs. After receiving backlash for making what many people felt were inappropriate comments about the pending case which involved the death of a baby, her filing claims she never thought the interview would be aired. Even though she was speaking to a camera while wearing a microphone.

Stanley told the Supreme Court this week she thought the interview was “off the record.”

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