Check Out the Completely Re-Designed 2020 Ford Explorer [Video]

2020 Ford Explorer

Life is complicated… One moment you’re running errands, the next you’re at 14,000 feet conquering the Rockies. You need a vehicle that can keep up with your life. That’s why you need the completely re-designed 2020 Ford Explorer.

KC from Town & Country Auto gave us a tour of the 2020 Ford Explorer.

The 2020 Explorer is new from the ground up. With all the safety equipment we’ve come to expect, the simplified–but beautiful–central digital display, towing package, multiple engine options (including a twin-turbo V-6 that cranks out 400 hp), added space for all passengers, this is an SUV that’s equally at home blazing up a mountain trail, or picking up the kids from school.

I feel like the 2020 Ford Explorer is a kind-of greatest hits edition of Ford’s best-selling SUV. It takes everything we love from previous generations and wrapped it up into one amazing vehicle.

Like the original 1990s models, the 2020 Explorer is based on a rear-drive platform, the new Explorer takes the impressive towing capacity from the 2000’s, and like the 2010 Explorer, the new Explorer sports three rows and room for up to seven passengers.

There’s a reason Ford Explorers are best-sellers every year: Ford makes a very stylish and compelling ride, and the 2020 Explorer is no different.

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