First Street Flooring

Elegance, Fashion, and Fun

First Street Flooring is owned by Pip and Aaron, and managed for 18 months by Scott Graham. First Street Flooring has a wonderful, professional team of employees and numerous tried and trusted sub-contractors who work with them.

First Street Flooring is proud to have been a vital part of the Salida community in some form since 1910. In 2008, they moved our home to Third Street, hence, First Street Flooring on Third! Floors to windows – they have it all!

First Street Flooring’s goal is not to be the cheapest since they believe you get what you pay for. As your neighbor, be assured they stand by their work and products. First Street Flooring understand the power of word of mouth and strive for their reputation to be one of fair prices, excellent service and customer satisfaction.

​​​One of their goals in owning a small business in a small town is to support our local community. First Street Flooring is proud to have been able to do this extensively since 2006.