Butala Sand & Gravel

The Home of “Glacier White” Cobble

Is your yard looking a little drab? Get your landscape updated and beautiful for spring and summer! Butala has everything you need for a maintenance-yard. If gardening is your thing, Butala also carries rich topsoil. And if you can’t pick it up, Butala will deliver!

Butala maintains a fleet of trucks to ship our rock products throughout the west. When you purchase their rock, they can delivery promptly to your site using, using their own trucks and drivers.

  • Cobblestone (Cobble stone)
  • Landscaping rocks and boulders
  • Centerpiece boulders
  • Custom etched stone signs
  • Crushed rock
  • Rip Rap for bank and slope reinforcement
  • Natural round pea-gravel and gravel

Shipping available anywhere in the U.S.

About Glacier White

The attractive “Glacier White” landscape stone that is our trademark product comes from natural stream channel and terrace depositions, some resulting from the catastrophic break of a glacial dam in the geologic past. The very pale granite that forms Glacier White was transported quite some distance by water and ice before finally stopping in the Heart of the Rockies. This long transport in an abrasive environment and fast-moving stream produced beautifully rounded natural stone in a clean deposit.

Glacier White Cobbles are one of the whitest natural river stones available in the world. It has an attractive and distinctive appearance and is prized by landscape designers. 

They offer a range of sizes of this natural round granite rock, ranging from pea-gravel to car-sized centerpiece landscaping boulders.