AirMedCare Network

Secure Financial Peace of Mind for You and Your Family Today

In a medical emergency every second counts, especially when transporting patients who are far away from adequate medical treatment. AirMedCare Network responds to scene calls and provide hospital-to-hospital transports–carrying seriously ill or injured patients to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

When You Join, You’re Covered

Membership starts at $85 a year with senior, Home & Garden Expo, and multi-year discounts available, and automatically enrolls you in all provider membership programs, giving you coverage in over 32- locations across 38 states.

Membership Benefits At-A-Glance

  • NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS: Members have no out-of-pocket costs if flown by an AirMedCare Network provider.
  • HOUSEHOLD COVERAGE: Membership fees cover not just yourself, but anyone who resides within the household.
  • TELADOC ACCESS: AMCN members enjoy access to a Teladoc membership at a discounted rate of $3 per month. Teladoc lets you speak with a board-certified doctor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • COAST TO COAST PROTECTION: Membership is valid in all service areas so you are covered at home and while traveling.
  • JOINING IS EASY: The 3 million+ AirMedCare Network members take comfort in the knowledge that, should they experience a medical emergency, there will be no out-of-pocket expenses if flown by an AMCN provider.

Secure peace of mind for you and your family today! Contact Cara Reano, Membership Sales Manager, at (719) 239-0578 for more information or to enroll.