Support Local Businesses Against COVID-19 – Buy Gift Certificates

The threat of the coronavirus has thrust us into uncertain times… but one thing is clear: we need to continue to support local businesses.

We have experts telling us not to go to public places out of fear of catching the virus… but what the experts haven’t anticipated is the economic impact the coronavirus is having on our local community.

Here in the Upper Arkansas Valley we have an incredible array of local businesses that support our communities, but right now, more than ever, they need your support.

If the threat of the coronavirus is making you apprehensive about going out to dinner, shopping downtown, catching a show, or just going out to have a coffee, here’s a suggestion: Get a gift certificate instead.

Spend the money now and hold onto that gift for when the time is right. That way you’re still supporting local businesses, and you can enjoy their services at a later date.

The coronavirus won’t be around forever, but you can help ensure that our local businesses are.

Support local businesses. Buy gift certificates today.

Terry West

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