Royal Gorge Announces ‘Bridge of Lights’

The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park has announced a drive-through holiday experience unlike any other.

Beginning November 18, 2022, guests will have the opportunity to drive across the Royal Gorge Bridge, 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River, amidst thousands of twinkling lights during their Bridge of Lights event.

Bridge of Lights will give every guest the opportunity to not only drive across America’s Bridge, but to do so at night while enjoying the wonder of the season through beautiful light displays. Holiday music will be playing throughout the drive on the park-wide sound system. The Park will showcase thousands of lights leading to and from the centerpiece of the event, the Royal Gorge Bridge; an experience sure to become a time-honored Christmas tradition.

This special holiday event will run from 5:30 to 9:30 pm November 18th through the 27th, December 1st through 4th, 8th through the 11th, and 15th through the 31st with the exception of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Driving across the Royal Gorge Bridge is not regularly offered outside of pre-arranged car club groups. Bridge of Lights is limited to vehicles with up to 8 passenger seating – large vans, trollies, party busses, trailers and duallies are not permitted.

The park encourages guests to pre-purchase their tickets by offering a $5 discount on webstore purchases. Season Pass holders will receive an additional $5 discount via a special code. Price is $40 a car if purchased at the gate on arrival. Webstore price is $35 per car.

Guests can purchase hot cocoa, coffee, or cider in a Bridge of Lights souvenir cup and holiday cookies to enjoy while driving through the light display. Refreshments can be pre-purchased online or at the gate.

Space is available for your holiday party at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. Imagine your party in a unique location with the world-famous Royal Gorge Bridge twinkling in the background. Contact our sales department at 719-276-8310 or for pricing and details.

The Royal Gorge Region has been referred to as the Banana Belt of Colorado and typically has a milder climate than surrounding areas. During the day, the park will be open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm for guests to enjoy walking across the bridge, riding the Aerial Gondola, Zipline, and Skycoaster, and climbing the Via Ferrata.

Dan R