Heart of the Rockies Radio Winter 2021 – 2022 Sports Schedule

StationDateSchoolSportGame StartPreGame
PEAKNov. 30th Salida at Gunnison – DHDH6:00p + 7:30p5:40p
EAGLEDec. 1stSports in the Rockies – Eddyline SHOW6pmN/A
EAGLEDec. 3rd BV Girls at Pagosa Tournament GBB2pm1:40p
EAGLEDec. 3rd BV Boys at Pagosa TournamentBB6:30pm6:10p
All StationsDec. 3rd Salida Wrestling Dual – 5pmWR5:00pN/A
EAGLEDec. 4thBV at Pagosa – DHDH2:00p + 3:30p1:40p
All StationsDec. 4thBV Home Wrestling TournamentWR9amN/A
EAGLEDec. 5thBRONCOS at Kansas CityFootball 11am9am
EAGLEDec. 7thCrested Butte at Cotopaxi – DHDH5pm + 7pm 4:40p
EAGLEDec. 8thSports in the Rockies – Eddyline SHOW6pmN/A
TBADec. 10thBV Home TournamentBBTBATBA
TBADec. 10thBV Home Tournament – SalidaBBTBATBA
TBADec. 11thBV Home TournamentBBTBATBA
TBADec. 11thBV Home Tournament – SalidaBBTBATBA
EAGLEDec. 12thBRONCOS vs. DetroitFootball 2:05p1:05p
PEAKDec. 14thCenter at Salida – DHDH6:00p + 7:30p5:40p
EAGLEDec. 14thBV at Summit – DHDHTBATBA
EAGLEDec. 15thSports in the Rockies – Eddyline SHOW6pmN/A
EAGLEDec. 16thJames Irwin at BV GBB7:00p6:40p
PEAKDec. 16thSt. Mary’s at Salida GBB7:30p7:10p
EAGLEDec. 17thCripple Creek at CotopaxiDH1pm + 3pm12:40p
PEAKDec. 18thLa Junta at Salida BB3:00p2:40p
EAGLEDec. 19thBRONCOS vs. CincinnatiFootball 2:05p1:05p
EAGLEDec. 26thBRONCOS at LA RaidersFootball 2:25p1:25p
EAGLEJan. 2ndBRONCOS at LA ChargersFootball 2:05p1:05p
EAGLEJan. 4thSalida at Alamosa – DHDH5:30p + 7:00p5:10p
EAGLEJan. 5thSports in the Rockies – From BVSHOW6pmN/A
EAGLEJan. 5thBanning Lewis at BV BB7:00p6:40p
PEAKJan. 5thFlorence at Salida BB7:30p 7:10p
EAGLEJan. 7thBV at Vanguard BB7:00p6:40p
PEAKJan. 7thVanguard at BVGBB7:00p6:40p
PEAKJan. 8thLake County at Salida – DHDH12:30p + 2:00p12:20p
EAGLEJan 8thKim Branson at Cotopaxi – DHDH3pm + 5pm2:40p
EAGLEJan. 9thBRONCOS vs. Kansas CityFootball 2:25p1:25p
EAGLEJan. 12thSports in the Rockies – Eddyline SHOW6pmN/A
EAGLEJan. 13thSt Mary’s at BV GBB7:00p6:40p
PEAKJan. 13thJames Irwin at SalidaBB7:30p 7:10p
EAGLEJan. 14thCotopaxi at South Park – DHDHTBATBA
EAGLEJan. 15thEllicott at BVBB4:00p3:40p
PEAKJan. 15thSalida at Manitou BB1pm12:40p
ValleyJan. 15thManitou at SalidaGBB1pm12:40p
EAGLEJan. 18thAlamosa at BV – DHDH5:30p + 7:00p5:10p
EAGLEJan. 19thSports in the Rockies – From SalidaSHOW6pmN/A
EAGLEJan. 19thCSCS at SalidaGBB7:00p6:40p
EAGLEJan. 21st La Junta at BVGBB7:00p6:40p
PEAKJan. 21st Woodland Park at SalidaBB7:30p7:10p
EAGLEJan. 22ndCotopaxi vs. Creed at SaguacheDH1pm + 3pm12:40p
EAGLEJan. 25thFlorence at BVBB7:00p6:40p
PEAKJan. 25thBV at FlorenceGBB7:00p6:40p
EAGLEJan. 26thSports in the Rockies – Eddyline SHOW6pmN/A
PEAKJan. 27thSalida at Banning LewisBB7:00p6:40p
EAGLEJan. 27thBanning Lewis at SalidaGBB7:00p6:40p
EAGLEJan. 29thLamar at BVBB4:00p3:40p
PEAKJan. 29thPueblo Centennial at Salida – DHDH12:30p + 2:00p12:10p
EAGLEFeb. 2ndCSCS at BVBB7:00p6:40p
PEAKFeb. 2ndEllicott at Salida BB7:30p7:10p
EAGLEFeb. 2ndSports in the Rockies – From BVSHOW6pmN/A
All StationsFeb. 3rdBV vs. Florence – DualWR6pmN/A
PEAKFeb. 4thSalida at Vanguard BB7:00p6:40p
EAGLEFeb. 4thVanguard at SalidaGBB7:00p6:40p
EAGLEFeb 5thBV at Centauri – DHDH2:30p + 4:00p2:10p
EAGLEFeb. 8thManitou at BVBB7:00p6:40p
PEAKFeb. 8thBV at ManitouGBB7:00p6:40p
EAGLEFeb. 9thSports in the Rockies – Eddyline SHOW6pmN/A
PEAKFeb. 10thWoodland Park at BVGBB7:00p6:40p
EAGLEFeb. 10thBV at Woodland ParkBB7:30p7:10p
All StationsFeb. 11thRegional Wrestling at BV WRTBAN/A
All StationsFeb. 12thRegional Wrestling at BV WRTBAN/A
PEAKFeb. 12thLamar at SalidaGBB4:00p3:40p
EAGLEFeb. 16thSalida at BV – DHDH5:30p + 7:00p5:10p
EAGLEFeb. 17thCentennial at Cotopaxi – DHDH5:30p + 7:00p5:10p
All StationsFeb. 17thState Wrestling – Ball ArenaWRTBATBA
All StationsFeb. 18thState Wrestling – Ball ArenaWRTBATBA
All StationsFeb. 19thState Wrestling – Ball ArenaWRTBATBA
TBAFeb. 19thLeague Playoff – at Host SchoolsGBBTBATBA
TBAFeb. 19thLeague Playoff – at Host SchoolsBBTBATBA
TBAFeb. 22ndLeague Playoff – at Host SchoolsBBTBATBA
TBAFeb. 23rdLeague Playoff – at Host SchoolsGBBTBATBA
EAGLEFeb. 23rdSports in the Rockies – TBASHOW6pmN/A
TBAFeb. 25thLeague Tournament at FlorenceGBBTBATBA
TBAFeb. 25thLeague Tournament at FlorenceBBTBATBA
TBAFeb. 26thLeague Tournament at FlorenceGBBTBATBA
TBAFeb. 26thLeague Tournament at FlorenceBBTBATBA
EAGLEMarch 2ndSports in the Rockies – Eddyline SHOW6pmN/A
TBAMarch 4thRegional BasketballBBTBATBA
TBAMarch 4thRegional BasketballBBTBATBA