Heart of the Rockies Radio Fall 2021 Sports Schedule

EAGLEAug. 18thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
PEAKAug. 24thSalida (vs. Del Norte)Volleyball6:30p6:00p
EAGLEAug. 25thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLEAug. 26thSalida at BVFootball 7:00p6:00p
PEAKAug. 28thSalida (vs. La Junta)Volleyball2:00p1:30p
EAGLEAug. 31stBuena Vista (vs. Leadville)Volleyball6:00p5:30p
EAGLESept. 1st Sports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
PEAKSept. 3rd Salida (Delta)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLESept. 3rd BUFFS – CU vs UNCFootball 7:00p6:00p
EAGLESept. 4thBV (at Banning Lewis)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLESept. 8thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLESept. 9th BV (vs Monte Vista) Volleyball6:00p5:30p
PEAKSept. 10th Salida (at Manitou)Football 7:00p 6:30p
EAGLESept. 10th BV (at Bennett)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLESept. 11thBUFFS – CU vs. Texas A&MFootball 1:30p12:30p
EAGLESept. 12thBRONCOS at NY GiantsFootball 2:25p1:25p
EAGLESept. 15thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLESept. 17thCotopaxi (vs Kim / Branson)Football 1:00p12:30p
PEAKSept. 17thSalida (La Junta) Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLESept. 17thBV (Peyton)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLESept. 18thBUFFS – CU vs. MinnesotaFootball 11:00a10:00am
PEAKSept. 18thSalida (vs. Vanguard)Volleyball1:00p12:30p
EAGLESept. 19thBRONCOS at JacksonvilleFootball 11:00a10:00am
ALLSept. 21stBV Home XC MeetXCLive Updates
EAGLESept. 22ndSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLESept. 23rd BV (vs. Ellicott)Volleyball6:00p5:30p
EAGLESept. 25thBV (Meeker)Football 1:00p12:30p
EAGLESept. 25thBUFFS – CU at ASUFootball TBATBA
EAGLESept. 26thBRONCOS vs. NY JetsFootball 2:05p1:05p
EAGLESept. 28thBV at SalidaVolleyball6:30p6:00p
EAGLESept. 29thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
PEAKOct. 1st Salida (at Bayfield)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLEOct. 1st BV (at St Mary’s)Football 7:00p6:30p
ALLOct. 2ndSalida XC Home MeetXCLive Updates
EAGLEOct. 2ndBUFFS – CU vs. USCFootball TBATBA
EAGLEOct. 3rdBRONCOS vs. BaltimoreFootball 2:25p1:25p
EAGLEOct. 5thBV (vs. James Irwin)Volleyball6:00p5:30p
PEAKOct. 5thSalida (vs. Center)Volleyball6:30p6:00p
EAGLEOct. 6thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLEOct. 8thCotopaxi (at La Veta) Football 1:00p12:30p
PEAKOct. 8thSalida (at Woodland Park)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLEOct. 8thBV (Rye)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLEOct. 10thBRONCOS at PittsburghFootball 11:00a10:00a
PEAKOct. 12thSalida (vs. Manitou)Volleyball6:30p6:00p
EAGLEOct. 13thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLEOct. 14thBV (at Manitou)Volleyball6:00p5:30p
EAGLEOct. 15thBV (at CSCS)Football 7:00p6:30p
PEAKOct. 16thSalida (vs. Pagosa Springs) Football 1:00p12:30p
EAGLEOct. 16thBUFFS – CU vs. ArizonaFootball TBATBA
EAGLEOct. 17thBRONCOS vs. LA RaidersFootball 2:25p1:25p
EAGLEOct. 19thBV (vs. Florence)Volleyball6:00p5:30p
PEAKOct. 19thSalida (vs. CSCS)Volleyball6:30p6:00p
EAGLEOct. 20thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLEOct. 21st BRONCOS at ClevelandFootball 6:20p5:20p
PEAKOct. 22ndSalida (at Alamosa)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLEOct. 22ndBV (Florence)Football 7:00p6:30p
EAGLEOct. 23rdBUFFS – CU at CaliforniaFootball TBATBA
PEAKOct. 26thSalida (vs. Banning Lewis)Volleyball6:30p6:00p
EAGLEOct. 26thBV (vs. St Mary’s)Volleyball6:00p5:30p
EAGLEOct. 27thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
PEAKOct. 29thSalida (Montezuma Cortez)Football 7:00p6:30p
ALLOct. 30thXC State – Colo SpringsXCLive Updates
EAGLEOct. 30thBUFFS – CU at OregonFootball TBATBA
EAGLEOct. 31stBRONCOS vs. WashingtonFootball 2:25p1:25p
EAGLENov. 3rd Sports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
TBANov. 5thPostseason Football – 1st rdFootball TBATBA
TBANov. 6thPostseason VolleyballVolleyballTBATBA
EAGLENov. 6thBUFFS – CU vs. Oregon St.Football TBATBA
EAGLENov. 7thBRONCOS at DallasFootball 11:00a10:00a
EAGLENov. 10thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
TBANov. 11thState VolleyballVolleyballTBATBA
TBANov. 13thPostseason HS Football – 2nd rdFootball TBATBA
EAGLENov. 14thBRONCOS vs. PhiladelphiaFootball 2:25p1:25p
EAGLENov. 17thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
TBANov. 20thPostseason HS Football – SemisFootball TBATBA
EAGLENov. 20thBUFFS – CU vs. WashingtonFootball TBATBA
EAGLENov. 26thBUFFS – CU at UtahFootball TBATBA
TBANov. 27thPostseason HS Football – ChampFootball TBATBA
EAGLENov. 28thBRONCOS vs. LA ChargersFootball 2:05p1:05p
EAGLEDec. 1stSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLEDec. 3rdPac 12 ChampionshipFootball 6:00p5:00p
EAGLEDec. 5thBRONCOS at Kansas CityFootball 11:00a10:00a
EAGLEDec. 8thSports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLEDec. 12thBRONCOS vs. DetroitFootball 2:05p1:05p
EAGLEDec. 15th Sports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLEDec. 19thBRONCOS vs. CincinnatiFootball 2:05p1:05p
EAGLEDec. 26thBRONCOS at LA RaidersFootball 2:25p1:25p
EAGLEJan. 2ndBRONCOS at LA ChargersFootball 2:05p1:05p
EAGLEJan. 5th Sports in the Rockies SHOW6:00pN/A
EAGLEJan. 9thBRONCOS vs. Kansas CityFootball 2:25p1:25p