Episode 18: Something Fest 2020!

Salida’s Dynamic Duo celebrate “Something Fest 2020!” Or maybe not. It’s hard to say. Details–much like Dave and Terry–are sketchy.

Dave Haynes and Terry West talk new comics from Marvel and DC including “Joker War,” “Dark Knight Death Metal,” and Marvel’s “Empyre.” 


The Double Masters Launch Party is set for Dave’s birthday, August 7th. He’s doubled everything for Double Masters: Double the rare slots, double the box toppers, double the promos, and double the first picks during the launch party! Players get two promos either from playing at the event or buying a box of Double Masters. 

Fantasy Games & Comics Paint Class is August 15th. Tips and tricks to paint the Manticore and your minifigs. 

Magic: The Gathering Mystery Booster Tournament is set for August 22nd. 

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Recorded live every Wednesday at 5 pm (usually) at Fantasy Games & Comics in historic downtown Salida, Colorado.

Terry West