‘American Idol’ Is Back for Season 18 and Spoiler Alert Rules [Hollywood Headlines]

'American Idol' judges Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan

‘American Idol’ is coming back for Season 18 with all three judges, Disney is producing a live ‘Little Mermaid’ concert, and new spoiler alert rules.

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All Three ‘American Idol’ Judges Returning

It was unclear whether ABC and “American Idol” could afford to bring back their three judges:  KATY PERRY, LIONEL RITCHIE, and LUKE BRYAN. But now, they announced that they’ll ALL be back for their third season together. There’s no word on the terms of their deals.  As you may recall, Katy’s original contract paid her $25 million per season. RYAN SEACREST’s status is still up in the air. An ABC exec said, quote, “I don’t believe he’ll be missing. We’re in ongoing conversations with Ryan about returning, and I’m hopeful that he will.” This will be the show’s 18th season overall. 

‘Little Mermaid’ Concert Coming to ABC

And speaking of ABC, Disney is determined to milk “The Little Mermaid” for all it’s worth. In addition to the live-action remake, they’re also doing a live CONCERT on ABC that’ll incorporate songs from both the original movie and the Broadway version. QUEEN LATIFAH will play Ursula the Sea Witch, and SHAGGY will be Ariel’s buddy Sebastian. There will be intricate sets and costumes, and the live performances will be interwoven with clips from the original film. It’ll air November 5th as part of the “Wonderful World of Disney.” 

Spoiler Alert Rules

As EVERYONE knows by now, people are super sensitive to spoilers. So, a new British survey asked 2,000 people how long the ‘no spoilers’ rule should last and came up with a definitive answer. Spoiler Alert:  If you were hoping to read this survey on your own at a later time, cover your ears, because I’m about to reveal it right now. According to the results, you need to wait: 33 hours after a TV show airs and 10 days after a movie is released. Which is so oddly specific that it MUST be right. But it makes sense. Don’t talk about a TV show episode the next day and don’t drop spoilers about a movie until it’s been in theaters for at least two full weekends. The survey also said ONE-THIRD of us have had a falling out with a friend or loved one for sharing a spoiler, half of us have seen a spoiler online, and 8% have shared a major spoiler online. 


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